A Gender Wise Analysis of Work Experiences of Private Sector Employees During Pandemic


  • Samina Riaz Lecturer, Department of Gender & Development Studies, LCWU
  • Faseha Khalid BS scholar
  • Naveed Iqbal* Assistant professor, Department of Mass communication, LCWU
  • Fareeha Anjum Lecturer, Department of Gender & Development Studies, LCWU


The COVID-19 pandemic has acutely affected worldwide economy. The purpose of this research was to explore experiences of private sector employees during pandemic. For this research qualitative research design was used. To gather the information Interviews were conducted. Semi-structured interview protocol was used for conducting interviews. Six participants were selected through purposive sampling. Participants were selected from private education sectors, banking, NGO and multinational company. Transcribed interviews were analyzed by thematic analysis. The findings of this study showed that COVID -19 has affected private organizations as they faced low production rate resultantly profit ratio was also reduced. To overcome the financial burden organizations either fired their employees or delayed payment of salaries for couple of months. The findings of study showed those who were not on permanent positions and employed recently got fired from theirs jobs to manage organizational economic burden. The study showed that both males as well as females faced social mobility restrictions during pandemic and males felt more stress due to this social restriction. It also exhibits that organizations changed their work mode and showed compliance with Government policies to cope up with the pandemic situation. This study would be helpful in understanding issues faced by employees of private organizations so in future if the situation processed or continues then organizations can help their employees by giving them secure jobs and devise strategies to minimize economic burden on their employees.

Keywords: Gender Inequalities, Workplace experiences, Pandemic, Private sector, Employees




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Samina Riaz, Faseha Khalid, Naveed Iqbal*, & Fareeha Anjum. (2024). A Gender Wise Analysis of Work Experiences of Private Sector Employees During Pandemic. Journal of Business and Management Research, 3(1), 601–612. Retrieved from https://jbmr.com.pk/index.php/Journal/article/view/152