Impact of Green Human Resource Management on Organizational Performance with the Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction


  • Muhammad Ramzan Phd Scholar Qurtuba University of Science & Information Technology DI Khan
  • Dr Raza Ullah shah Associate Professor Department of Management Sciences Qurtuba University of Science & Information Technology DI Khan


This study examines an intricate relationship between green human resource management (GHRM) and organizational performance in sugar industries of the KPK region, Pakistan. The research perceives that the sugar industry should be respected critically for environmental development, even admitting its specific challenges and return offers for preserving environmental sustainability. These variables that need to be inspected include the application of environmentally friendly human resource management, the performance of the organization, and the workers' level of job satisfaction. The theories upon which the concept of the Green Human Resource Management is built are explained theoretically, explaining how it can affect organizational performance. The theoretical part is initially discussed by combining Green Human Resource Management with an organization's approach that focuses on attaining performance. It takes the assessment further to the local agro-context of the sugar industry of KPK and pointing how it encounters the said problems. However, it could bring more potential benefits for sustainable management and operations. This data was gathered through a structured questionnaire intended to obtain information concerning Green Human Resource Management practice, job satisfaction, and organizational performance. A survey form is handed out to the staff in the sugar industry at different levels. The statistical methods employed here include simple regression and mediated analysis, and the Hayes model IV was used to measure the mediated impacts. These research strategies provide sufficient depth to analyze the correlation between Green Human Resource Management and organizational outcomes. This work, therefore, has shown that improved work conditions and staff satisfaction, often achieve enhanced performance. The conclusion summarizes that the impact of Green Human Resource Management is having a direct influence on an organization’s performance. On top of that, it is pointed out that job satisfaction and subjective well-being emergence influence this relationship. This research can produce beneficial recommendations or directions in the field of administration and policy-making for the Sugar industry. Therefore, the mentioned outcomes provide a theoretical foundation for studies in the field of Green Human Resource Management and summarize some outcomes applicable in practice, such as conditioning and creating sustainable practices in organizations and for the whole world. Plans to help explore Green Human Resource Management have been provided in the research to improve this sector.

Key Words: Green Human Resource Management, organizational performance, job satisfaction, sugar industry of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Pakistan.





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