Assessment of Various Management Styles and a Proposed Framework About Islamic Approach to Management


  • Dr. Muhammad Aqib Ali Consultant and Advisor of Research and Advocacy at International Islamic Finance and Insurance Institute (IIFII), Senior Faculty University of London Programs at The Millennium Universal College (TMUC), International Resource Person at Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU)
  • Usman Khalid Head of Center/Director of Learning and Development at Teach Globally


The paper evaluates major styles of management in the contemporary context to understand their distinct elements and related concepts in order to eventually propose a framework about Islamic approach towards management. The different management styles including the autocratic style of management, the democratic style, transformational and situational managerial approaches among others are discussed and finally the Islamic approach to management is posited under a “10 As Framework” developed as a distinctive style of management from Islamic perspective. The ten As framework entails Allah’s fear (Tqawa), Adherence to Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Aql (rationality), Adl (equity), Attashaawur (consultation), Ahdaaf (goals), Amal (action-orientation/practicality), Aitmaad (reliance), Afav (forgiveness), and Arraqaba (oversight/control). The ten factors as propounded provide a comprehensive approach to managerial practice by keeping in view the values and tenets of Islam as guiding principles to achieve favorable outcomes. The paper entails a qualitative research paradigm suggesting a framework of management from Islamic standpoint to elucidate cornerstones of management philosophy to attain best managerial results and to ensure that the management process and decisions are in line with the Islamic doctrine which serves the dual purpose of achieving managerial success as well as securing spiritual wellbeing.

Keywords: Management, Leadership, Management Framework, Managerial Practice, Management Philosophy, Management Principles, Islamic Management Style 




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