An Unveiling the Ethical Quandaries: A Critical Analysis of the Stanford Prison Experiment as a Mirror of Pakistani Society


  • Ayesha Jabbar University of Okara
  • Amina Muazzam Lahore College for Women University
  • Sameen Sadaqat Lahore College for Women University


This study conducts a comparative analysis between the Stanford Prison Experiment (SPE) and Pakistani society, exploring parallels in power dynamics, social norms, and ethical dilemmas. Drawing on psychological research and socio-cultural analysis, the study examines how the SPE's findings reflect broader societal dynamics and ethical challenges in Pakistan. The SPE, conducted in 1971, simulated a prison environment to investigate the psychological effects of power and authority. The study revealed how individuals conform to social roles, leading to abusive behavior by those in positions of authority. Similarly, Pakistani society exhibits hierarchical structures and cultural norms that influence individual behavior and institutional practices. The analysis highlights ethical implications, including the importance of ethical oversight, responsible conduct, and ethical leadership in research and governance. Recommendations are proposed to strengthen ethical standards, promote accountability and foster inclusive dialogue in Pakistani institutions and communities. The study concludes by emphasizing the need for future research to explore longitudinal effects of ethical interventions, conduct cross-cultural comparisons and evaluate policy impacts on ethical behavior and social justice. By addressing these avenues, we can deepen our understanding of ethical conduct and advance social justice agendas in diverse cultural contexts. Overall, this study contributes to the discourse on ethics, power, and social justice, offering insights for researchers, policymakers, and practitioners striving to uphold ethical principles and promote human rights in Pakistani society and beyond.

Key words: SPE, Ethical Quandaries, Psychological Research, Ethical Principles, Pakistani Society.




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Ayesha Jabbar, Amina Muazzam, & Sameen Sadaqat. (2024). An Unveiling the Ethical Quandaries: A Critical Analysis of the Stanford Prison Experiment as a Mirror of Pakistani Society. Journal of Business and Management Research, 3(1), 629–638. Retrieved from